Saturday, August 11, 2012

Simple webserver for troubleshooting, howto

Here is an extremely simple web server to use in troubleshooting your code, derived from Yohanes Santoso's wonderful Gnome's Guide to WEBrick.

It serves any directory tree you're working on (including HTML properly) without any complexity arising from Rails, Sinatra, or any other web frameworks. (Isolation is a good thing when troubleshooting.)

Just place this in your tools directory (e.g., ~/t/serve-files — making sure it's executable):

#!/usr/bin/env ruby
require 'webrick'

program_name = $0
puts "#{program_name} #{ARGV.join ' '}"

puts "Running Ruby #{RUBY_VERSION}"

include WEBrick

options = {
  :BindAddress => '',
  :Port => 3000,
  :DocumentRoot => Dir.pwd,
server = options

%w[INT TERM].each{|e| trap(e){server.shutdown}}


Copyright (c) 2012 Mark D. Blackwell.

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