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IPv6 aware, Linux iptables cloud hand-firewall for Debian lenny, howto

Recently, I set up a Linux software firewall by hand for a virtual machine instance running Debian lenny.

Reasonable, now or in the future, is concern about IPv6 traffic. 'Is your firewall aware?' speaks of some danger: 'You might think that [using iptables to] disallow incoming connections to your server on port 22[,] except from a single trusted IP[,] is sufficient to stop connections hitting your machine, but if it is accessible over IPv6 you'll soon discover this isn't the case.'

Many VM providers have not so far (completely) enabled IPv6. However, for anyone who has written their own firewall script, it is a good idea to be prepared beforehand for the event.

The latest VM's, running on recent kernels, can use regular, IPv6-capable firewalls, though they are somewhat hard to find. For instance, the Debian package, 'shorewall6' implements an IPv6 firewall, which 'requires kernel 2.6.24 or later'. Per their FAQ, 'Linux kernels before 2.6.20 didn't support connection tracking for IPv6'.

My particular VM provider allows me only kernel 2.6.18. So, for my old kernel, I developed a fairly simple firewall script, with goals to:

* Restrict sole use of my VM to a list of authorized, remote IP's
* Block tunneling of IPv6 through IPv4, inbound and outbound
* Ease establishing the same rules for IPv6 as for IPv4
* Learn more about iptables firewalls, and
* Learn something about IPv6

This modular firewall script allows full and easy control over IP addresses, protocols and ports. It was derived, with additions, from James Turnbull's 'Bastion Host Iptables Script' (see References).

In order to simplify, it leaves out denial of service (DOS) protection, because that seems unlikely in casual VM use. And, it assumes your VM's IP address is IPv4.

It is impossible accidentally to be locked out, because VM providers naturally offer direct console access, independent of services running on the VM.

The script is available free of charge from my GitHub account.

Bastion Host Iptables Script: Appendix A (or chapter 2) of James Turnbull's book, _Hardening Linux_. For download, see


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Copyright (c) 2011 Mark D. Blackwell.Copyright (c) 2011 Mark D. Blackwell.

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