Thursday, November 17, 2011

Bach-Lehman (and Young #1) using electronic tuner, howto

Here's how to use an electronic tuner to tune a harpsichord in Bradley Lehman's Bach temperament, as well as Thomas Young's. They sound so much better than equal temperament (even better than Vallotti)--everyone should try them!

I found Lehman-Bach instructions (taking Vallotti as a starting point) in the section, `Easy way to tune it accurately and mostly electronically' (search for it) of his homepage.

Yet, there is another way. His section, `Electronic device instructions for the Bach' at the bottom
of `Practical temperament instructions by ear' also recommends we, `See the interesting method by David Hitchin', who says his method is useful if one has the `Korg-OT12 or a similar tuner which provides for ET and the Pythagorean, Werkmeister III and Vallotti temperaments.'

Dr. Lehman says the Thomas Young temperament he recommends (Young #1) `is not the more familiar "Young #2"; it is his first and better one...entirely symmetrical, and very simple...Young's #2 [the worse one] is technically [just] a transposition of the entire VALLOTTI temperament upward by a 5th.'

I found these instructions in the `YOUNG #1 1799/1800' section of his `Practical temperament instructions by ear':

1. Tune all of VALLOTTI first.
2. Nick F downward slightly so it's equally tempered between C and Bb.
3. Nick B upward slightly so it's equally tempered between E and F#.

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