Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Blog posts' date position

Just now I was reading a blog to avoid emailing its author with questions they already blogged about. Like others with this purpose, I read it reverse-chronologically (i.e. from the top).

While reading a blog purposefully to learn the current status of a fast-changing software system it seems important to gather a quick sense of time context for each post.

Inevitably I observe myself sliding my browser window downward to the bottom of each post to get a sense of how long prior to the post above it each was released—just in case the time interval is much, much longer than those above.

Then I slide the window back, indeed with resulting uncertainty that I have recovered the proper beginning of the proper post.

Some blogs may never have a delay of more than two weeks between posts.

If I knew this were the case always I wouldn't even look. But since I am not sure, I find myself looking at the dates.

Viewing a blog's archive helps somewhat (and furthermore I can read a whole blog by clicking its posts in an archive list; but this seems less natural).

So the minor suggestion here, for blog formatters' consideration, comprises the usefulness of placing the date of each post immediately below its title.

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