Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Essential jQUERY

Recently, I picked up the bare essentials in jQuery from the book, jQUERY Visual Quickstart Guide by Steven Holzner, Peachpit Press, 2009.

However, a word of warning: the book is somewhat badly edited, and there is no corrected edition (still as of this writing).

From the core jQuery source code, this page also is useful. Here are my brief notes:

JQuery refers to a certain syntax $(thing) for any thing as 'jQuery-wrapping'.

The keyword $ is an alias for jquery. Both are used in the following ways:

  • $(function)  –  Append a function to the list to be run when the document is ready: a shortcut for $(document).ready(function).

  • $(CSS-selector-string)  –  Select some nodes in the document.

  • $(HTML-string)  –  Create HTML for insertion.

  • $(DOM-node)  –  Like saying simply DOM-node, but change the value of this and set context (an attribute used by jQuery). Examples are:
    •   $(document)  –  The document.
    •   $(this)  –  this.

  • $.method  –  (This one has a dot and no parentheses.) Run a utility method.

The jQuery methods selected for explanation in the book are:

  • Methods on jQuery-wrapped collections of HTML elements:
    • addClass,  after,  alt,  animate,  append,  attr,  before,  bind,  clone,  css,  each,  (event binder methods),  fadeIn,  fadeOut,  fadeTo,  height,  hide,  hover,  html,  is,  (jQuery-UI methods),  length,  load,  one,  serializeArray,  show,  size,  slice,  slideDown,  slideToggle,  slideUp,  text,  toggle,  toggleClass,  unbind,  val,  width,  wrap

  • Event binder methods:
    • Keyboard   –   keydown,  keypress,  keyup

    • Mouse   –   mousedown,  mouseenter,  mouseleave,  mousemove,  mouseout,  mouseover,  mouseup

    • The rest   –   beforeunload,  blur,  change,  click,  dblclick,  error,  focus,  load,  resize,  scroll,  select,  submit,  unload

  • jQuery-UI methods:
    • accordian,  datepicker,  dialog,  progressbar,  slider,  tabs

  • Methods on jQuery-wrapped HTML strings:
    • insertAfter,  insertBefore

  • Utility methods:
    • ajax,  browser,  each,  get,  grep,  inArray,  isArray,  isFunction,  makeArray,  map,  post,  support,  trim,  unique

Copyright (c) 2013 Mark D. Blackwell.

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