Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Install Opa language on 32-bit Debian squeeze, howto

The coolest feature of the Opa web programming language is that it automatically divides developers' programs into server and client sides, compiling to JavaScript.

Though the Opa compiler (as of this writing) doesn't have a 32-bit binary for Windows, I got it working in an easy way on (32-bit) Debian squeeze, after upgrading my nodejs installation.

Following Opa's instructions to install as a user (under the heading, Other Linux Distribution), I downloaded and ran their 32-bit Linux self-extracting package. When prompted, I chose to install it into ~/progra/mlstate-opa.

Then, after navigating to A tour of Opa in the sidebar, under the heading, Easy Workflow, I found and typed into a file, 'hello.opa' their sample program. The command:

$ opa hello.opa --

errored out, asking for more npm modules to be installed.

Rather than exactly following their suggested course of action, which would have installed node modules to root-owned directories, I typed:

$ npm install mongodb formidable nodemailer simplesmtp imap

After that the compiler worked just fine.

Copyright (c) 2012 Mark D. Blackwell.

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