Saturday, July 28, 2012

Select online wikis and discussion boards for startups

In GitHub, there's no email notification associated with wiki changes. That's not very good! They specialize in source control, instead. For more:

Stackexchange here discusses GitHub wiki change notifications, but only by setting up another server and programming it. Certainly a startup doesn't have time for that:

The old Google groups was bad. But not even the new Google Docs has change notification, either.

So today I researched online wikis and discussion boards for startups, and found this Stackexchange answer. GitHub's wiki does not include notifications, BTW.

Zoho's products seem excellent to me! Generally, their collaboration apps are widely used and integrated with Google Docs. They seem quite good (and cheap) both for their wiki and their discussion forum:

Zoho wiki: 'Access controls' (private?). Notifications. Comment threads. Free of charge for three (3) users, $12 per month for four (4) users:

Zoho online forums: Private (by Google Docs integration). Notifications, but I don't know if they're universal. One forum is free of charge:

Other online wiki sites:

Wikidot: No integration with Google Docs. Non-public. Private for $50 per year ($4 per month equivalent). Free of charge with advertising:

Other online forum sites:

ProBoards: $7 per month for ad-free. Oriented to public access; seems somewhat disreputable:

QuickTopic: $49 per year ($4 per month equivalent):

Teamlab: No pricing found!

Wetpaint: No access control.

Wikispaces: $20 per month for restricted access.

Wikimatrix: for comparing wiki software, said they include online but seem to be installable software. It might not be worth running one's own wiki server.[branding]=&d[domain]=&d[flag]=2&d[language]=&d[support]=&d[wysiwyg]=yes&d[history]=yes&d[go]=1&x=77&y=14

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  1. I still prefer using Google docs than Microsoft office sometimes though. Well, it's more reliable because some plug-ins in Google are not in MS office. And yea, Google doc is easy to share because you running it online.


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