Friday, December 16, 2011

Chrome browser cookie exceptions, howto

Google's fast, new Chrome browser has a development process that seems to fix problems rapidly.

An unmet need in the user interface, however, is explicating (right on the page) how to enter domains for cookie handling exceptions.

The proper way to be secure (though you may disagree) IMHO follows:

* Wrench-Options-Under the Hood-Content Settings-Cookies.
* Select, `Block sites from setting any data'.
* Check, `Block third party cookies from being set'.
* Check, `Clear cookies and other site and plug-in data when I close my browser'.
* Click, `Manage Exceptions...'.
* Add and delete hostname patterns until you see what you like.

The problem is, it gives no subdomain examples. Per one bug report, the user cannot figure out the right syntax to enter them. Without adding the right subdomains, navigating to mysteriously redirects us in a loop.

Its unusual wildcard syntax, for Google blogging, is:


The brackets must be entered explicitly. In other words, they do not merely indicate optional content.

Some kind of, `"Learn more" about the pattern syntax' link would be awesome.

Explicitly also, one could enter all the relevant subdomains (which is appropriate for some domains):

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