Friday, March 11, 2011

Installing Keepassx on Puppy Linux, howto

Today I installed Keepassx, the 'open source password manager' (see on a computer running Puppy Linux (Quirky Retro 1.2).

Keepassx is compatible with KeePass for Windows, as long as you use the 1.x series. Ports of the 2.x series probably require .NET (or Mono) to run; both are quite large (per

Here's how I did it:
o From, I downloaded this package from Debian, selecting the binary for my architecture (i386):

o In ROX-Filer, I installed it by clicking the package file.

o Then I clicked 'console' on the desktop and typed, 'keepassx'. One by one, I got error messages for various missing libraries. Searching:

I found the missing libraries in the following packages, which I then installed:

Copyright (c) 2011 Mark D. Blackwell.


  1. Thanks your information was very useful

  2. Great and easy ! Thanks a lot

  3. Accurate, wonderfully succinct instructions. I wasn't able to get KeePassx up and running until I came across this post.


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