Thursday, January 14, 2010

_why the lucky stiff

Suddenly I am struck with sadness for our loss of the highly creative _why the lucky stiff. (I discovered this while researching Ruby Shoes.) Not just in programming, but creative also in drawing and prose.

There is more here, here and here, and a cute sample of his early writing. Also, I found a _why-related, compilation blog post.

On, a radio station in his name contains some strange and intelligent things.

His June, 2009 talk on "Hackety Hack" at an ART && CODE Symposium shows his general aim of convincing others (besides his own creative work) to expand the learning opportunities available to children for programming. Perhaps this was the original basis for his pseudonym? Perhaps the reason for his disappearance was promotion: to generate large-scale publicity for this worthy cause.

Copyright (c) 2010 Mark D. Blackwell.

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